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Anyone who knows me will know I'm magazine mad. When I've not got my beak in a good mag, I'm generally pitching features to their commissioning editors, in the hope of one day seeing my words in a women's glossy mag. Freelancing is so very competitive.

So I was chuffed to hear about a brand new (and free!) magazine called Clique

Featuring Miranda Kerr on the cover, the first issue was launched in November. Dubbed the 'world's first truly shoppable magazine with extra content and value accessed via an app on your mobile phone', apparently this marks the first time content can be bought and shared, watched or bookmarked, as if the experience was happening online. In short, you can unlock hidden content and benefits and its 'digital handbag' contents can be shared, along with special offers and rewards. Sounds interesting, no?

With my first issue, which dropped through my letter box in November, was this stylish Katie Eary phone case - a nice little touch, eh?

Anyway, hop on over to the Clique website, as the folk behind the new mag have done a far better job of explaining all than I have.

Will you be checking out Clique magazine? 

The magazine was sent to me for review consideration


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