New Year: New Hobby: Having a Bash at Making My Own Products!

I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions, for the small fact that my willpower amounts to a big fat zero. Add to this that I don’t see the point of cutting things out and depriving yourself of things you enjoy. I mean, why ever would you do that?

But just before Christmas I made just one goal (let’s not call it a resolution) - to learn the basics of aromatherapy and have a bash at making my own products.
As a beauty blogger and frequenter of skincare shopping aisles, I’m often confused by the mammoth ingredients lists found on everything from cleansers to exfoliators and face masks – something Andrea Butje – aromatherapy expert from the site Aromahead, and author of new book Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home - was also hugely frustrated by. Do we really ever know what we're putting on our skin?

Out with shop-bought products...

In my new role as natural health writer for the membership site NaturalCures, I was chuffed to cross paths with Andrea – one of our regular bloggers – and discovered her new book was just about to hit the virtual eBook shelves. And the 114-page eBook features everything you might ever need (or want) to know about making your own bathroom cabinet staples - what timing!

An email or two later I was the excited owner of said book – and ready to embark on a brand new hobby.

Aromatherapy has always interested me, and a quick scan through Andrea's book confirms the many reasons why people might dabble in the technique.
Scents have the power to evoke emotions; making us feel calm and helping us to de-stress, even relieving the symptoms of common ailments.

And you'd be surprised just how many remedies - for the body, the home and even the office and garden - you can whip up with just a few essential oils.

So it was also fairly coincidental that my fella noted a few subtle hints I'd been making in the run up to Christmas, took a punt and bought me an essential oils starter kit online.
Andrea Butje
Since owning the eBook and the oils, I've discovered how to make gorgeously scented (and ridiculously cheap) household cleaners, create beautiful gifts (homemade bath salts, anyone) and even must-have moisturisers to add to my already bursting basket of skincare saviours.

Here's one of my favourite recipes; definitely one I'll be trying soon:

Moisturising Facial Spray in Hydrosol

Makes: One 1 oz spray bottle

You'll need: 1 oz rose hydrosol, 1 drop rose otto essential oil, 2 drops lavender essential oil, one 1-oz plastic or glass spray bottle.

Directions: Fill a spray bottle with rose hydrosol, before adding essential oil drops and shake to continue

How simple does that sound?

My essential oil 'starter kit'

I love how easy the book is to read, too, containing all the tips beginners need to get going, as well as a few I'm sure experts in the subject will learn a lot from - it's more than worth its price tag.

There's advice on organising yourself and your essential oils kit, info on carrier oils, and help when it comes to beginning your collection.

My hat goes off to Andrea; she's a talented lady.
What's your goal(s) for 2013? Have you ever fancied making your own products, too? Will you be having a look at Andrea's book?

Disclaimer: Andrea Butje's book was sent to me for review consideration, but I have not been paid to write this post. It stems from a genuine interest in all things aromatherapy and, as ever, all opinions are 100% honest, and my own.


  1. Aw that sounds like a really good idea, let us know how you get on, hope it all goes well for you:) x

  2. Ooh, I'm going to have to take a look at that! Always looking for things for my skin, and making my own seems like a good idea!
    My goals are just to keep healthy really. I want to do a couple of races this year and improve my flexibility and strength with yoga!

    1. I know, I've been thinking the same for such a long time. My skin is so temperamental that I thought I'd give completely natural stuff a go.

      Best of luck with the races, you have more willpower than I do!

  3. Sounds like a great idea, hope you carry on posting about making your own products! I'll definitely think about it some more!

    1. Thanks Shelleen. It's lots of fun so far, don't know why I didn't start it sooner!

  4. I really want to try some Ojon products :) Everyone loves them!
    LaceyLoves x

    1. They're worth it. But if you get the hair oil, only use a little - too much and your hair will be like a chip pan! x

  5. That sounds so interesting! And what a fab idea! Happy new year Lauren!

  6. Hi Laren, what a great blog! I WILL be back! Anrea's book is, indeed, a treasure. I'll be trying lots of her blends in 2013.

    1. Thanks Liz, nice of you to say. Andrea's book is great! x

  7. Hi hun,

    Long time no speak OOOH Ojon, been dying to try that! xx


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