DIY Facial

A few days before Christmas, I was lucky enough to win a hefty set of Dr Hauschka products via the brand's Facebook page. 

Amongst the products I received was this....

Dr Hauschka's Facial Steam Bath
Dr Hauschka was an unknown brand to me, up until a few months ago when I heard the lovely Poli (check out her videos, they're brilliant) raving about it on her YouTube channel.

Poli talked so enthusiastically about the products she was using, I just had to take a look at the Dr Hauschka website - which was around the time I won a stash of mini travel sized products.
It's a brand that's been around for over 40 years and it very much champions natural ingredients. Visit the site and you can even take a skin consultation to find out which products will work for you, as well as call someone direct to discuss any skin concerns.

I have to say, I was quite shocked on opening the box that the liquid was so dark. Still, after cleansing my face with my trusty Eve Taylor cleanser and a Body Shop muslin cloth, I added it to a bowl of boiling hot water, grabbed a towel and held my face over the steam for 15 minutes. Absolute bliss. The curiosity got the better of him and my boyfriend used my second bottle of the Steam Bath a week later - but emerged from under the bowl about a minute later claiming 'it was too hot'. Men eh?

Dr Hauschka's Steam Bath and its grimy-looking contents

I followed the steam bath with my Elemis Papaya face mask, before switching on my Clarisonic 10 minutes later and brushing it off. I then added a rich moisturiser - my Elemis Marine Cream. Absolute bliss!
What did I think?
My skin certainly felt softer after the treatment and any blemishes seemed to clear up a little quicker.
Do you ever give yourself a DIY facial? Or do you prefer going to a spa for a treat?

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  1. I love Dr Hauschka and was introduced to it by friends at Uni who had been to Steiner schools and were well versed in biodynamic gardening. This is something that Dr Hauschka does with the ingredients used in the products and is really interesting.

    That was a terrible explanation (!) but biodynamic growing is well worth a Google search for a comprehensive explanation!!


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