Music Monday

Today's Music Monday comes from a germ-ridden Holden household. Eurgh. I've not been too well over the weekend and only just starting to feel myself again. Not like that, though (ooo-er!).
Late last week I was toying with the idea of going to see New York's Thomas Truax tomorrow (Tuesday) night, but whether I'll be well enough to go is another thing.
I've just received Thomas' new album and it's sounding good, but for now...here's an old favourite of mine....

Eeerie, but blimming brilliant. Take a look and let me know what you think.

If you ever get chance to see Thomas live, I thoroughly recommend it. This guy makes and plays his own weird and wonderful instruments (Just Google 'the hornicator) - and if that isn't worth standing in a crowded venue getting hot and bothered for, I don't know what is.

On another note, one of the latest additions to my vinyl collection is this rathy spiffing triple gatefold gem from Kate Jackson - formerly of the rather excellent Sheffield-based Long Blondes.

 This vinyl was limited to 300 copies, numbered and signed, so I was more than chuffed when it appeared in my Christmas stocking.

And if you weren't a fan of Kate's old band (RIP The Long Blondes), beyhold this little beauty of a song...

The band split up a few years back when guitarist Dorian fell ill. I interviewed Dorian and the band for NME and the news really was heartbreaking.

What have you been listening to today? Do post your links and recommendations.


  1. God I had forgotten how much I love Giddy Stratospheres - thanks for reminding me! x

  2. haha, me too to be honest Claire. Haven't listened to it in a while, great song x


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