Girls Aloud's Kimberley Lends her Face to New Skin Care Range!

I'm not a big fan of celebrity-endorsed products. There's a lot of them and you do wonder just how much input these stars have given when creating their own brand of perfume/skin care/lipstick (delete as appropriate). But if Mr A Lauren to Herself was a lady, he'd be all over this new range by Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh. He has quite the thing for the Yorkshire-born lassie.

The stunning Kimberley Walsh - Pic: Google Images

Luxurious Body Lotion

Shimmering Body Oil
Kimberley's teamed up with Elegant Touch to launch a new body care range, which includes body lotion, body butter and body scrub and with prices around the £8 mark.

Are you a fan of celebrity ranges like this? Will you be looking out for this new collection?


  1. I must admit I buy Kimberly's Eylure lashes, not so much because they are endorsed by her but because I like the style & shape. I have to still want or like the product, I won't just buy it because there's a celebs face on it! xx


  2. Totally agree, Jenifer - the product itself has got to be worth the money in the first place


  3. I do love Kimberly, think she's gorgeous, but not sure I'd be tempted by these. Think it looks a bit cheap with her face splashed over the products and nothing about them instantly appeals- they have no identity without her.

  4. I'm with you on that Catherine, not too sure about the packaging either!x


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