Friday Favourites!

It's been a couple of weeks since I last shared my Friday Favourites with you. Things have been a little hectic of late; myself and the rest of our office were told we'd be out of a job by May a few weeks ago, so we've all been busy submitting our CVs and attending interviews. I'm staying positive and actually feeling quite excited that I don't know where I'll be come May. A new start and all that!

But without further ado, here's what's been making me smile in the blogging world this week....

Kristabel visits Notting Hill's Portabello Market - one of my favourite London haunts...

Franky explains which shade of Chanel lipstick added the finishing touch to her wedding outfit...

Photo credit: Eliza Claire. Do pop on over to Franky's blog to read all about her big day, too.

Tali reveals her top picks amongst the latest MAC collection...

Ruth lets us all have a sneaky peek in her bathroom drawer...

Clare takes a trip to Scotland's beautiful Loch Lomond...

And finally....

Another stunning oufit, as put together by Harriet...

Which blogs have you enjoyed this week? I love discovering new reads, so do leave your links below.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Pastel houses are my favorites too. There is a whimsical house in pastel colors in our neighborhood. Love seeing it.

  2. That sounds lovely! I love Notting Hill's colourful houses, makes a lovely photo. Pop on over to Kristabel's blog and see what she thought of it too x

  3. So sorry to hear about your job :( Have every confidence that you will find something new :) Love your recommendations xx

  4. Thanks Emma. We all saw it coming to be honest and it gives me the push to move to Yorkshire and in with my chap. Hope you're well x

  5. Lovely pics Lauren. sorry to hear about the job but sounds like you're being very positive, all very exciting! xx

  6. Thank you Carla, it means a lot. Looking forward to a fresh start though x


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