Ladies: Would You Wear Lynx?

I'm sure we'd all reluctantly hold our hands up and say we're guilty of a quick squirt of our fella's Lynx shower gel when we've run out of our own. But who's had a sneaky spray of his aftershave, too? Not quite so many of us...

Aside from Impulse (which I'm sure us UK girls all remember from our teens?) there's not been too many budget body sprays out there for ladies. Until now...

Introducing Lynx for women....

I have to say, I don't know how I felt when I first heard word of a women's Lynx. And I'm not too sure about the slightly cheesy marketing campaign that comes with it. Here's the blurb...

"Lynx, the brand famed for giving guys the edge in the mating game, is set to bring chaos to the UK by giving the Lynx effect to women as well. Today, Lynx can reveal that for the first time in its history its latest fragrance, Lynx Attract, will be available both 'For Him' and 'For Her'.

"The TV advert for Lynx Attract For Him and For Her, which breaks in the UK on 1st February, sees guys and girls who are wearing the fragrance causing chaos and accidents in a series of situations because they're so intensely attracted to each other."

And here's the men's version...

 Take a look at the brand's Facebook page for more info about both new fragrances.
Would you wear Lynx for women? Or is the brand best kept where it belongs: in your man's bathroom cabinet or teenage brother's schoolbag?

And could this be the end for Impulse's sickly sweet Vanilla Kisses or Charlie Red?


  1. sad fact is I'll probably try it out of curiosity lol x

  2. My friend uses Lynx everyday, I shall have to let her know.
    Personally I don't know whether I can bring myself to by this??
    Will have to wait till I can smell it I suppose.

    Laura xoxo


  3. Vanilla Kisses - I had forgotten all about that staple of my schoolbag! I think it was a United Colors of Benetton duffle bag...

  4. haha, does anyone remember impulse temptation! The red one! To be honest I've been known to have a little can of Impulse (the new range) in the bottom of my bag when I'm running around. It's handy for the gym.

    Would I try it? I dont know, now if it made guys go nuts for me hell yeah, but I don't think it does lol!


  5. now then. love love love the concept of lynx for girls. It's a bit shocking in a way and i love it.
    packaging though: ummm
    can understand they wanted to keep an industrial feel to the spray bottle but why make it soooo glade/air freshener looking? it looks very fat and big to me.
    can we have it a more refined please? :)

  6. Yeah I tried a bit of lynx when I was younger, it's just one of those things you do cos it's so wrong it's gotta be right. Hmmm not sure about the women's version will have to go sniff it out lol.

  7. I can feel my nose twitching already. Lynx for men is horrid a nightmare for those sensitive to fragrance, I've had to ask my BF to stop wearing it or spray outside *sigh* this is one product launch I don't like the sound of, but then again I am sure the majority will be all over it.

  8. @AprilLily - Me too to be honest ; )

    @Laura - Does she wear the men's stuff then? She'll be chuffed there's a female version then...

    @24hourprettypeople - haha, I'm feeling all nostalgic now!

    @DawnieP - That Impulse definitely rings a bell now you mention it. Oh how I feel old now...

    @Liloo - A good point, it does look a big bulky doesn't it. I prefer something lighter in my bag too.

    @AmyontheGo - Yeah, definitely so wrong it's right!

    @sugarpuffish- There definitely are a few strong fragrances in the Lynx range!


  9. I probably wouldn't...I like some body mists only because they were gifts (Ted Baker ones). I prefer neutral roll-on deodorants and proper perfumes.

  10. Yes she does, she says it smells nicer and reminds her of her boyfriend when he's not there haha.


  11. I much prefer mens smells to womens. I absolutely love how aftershave and male deos smell - so much so that I actually wear mens deodorant myself (It's a Nivea one, and they used to do a female version that smelt practically the same and then stopped it so I had to choice but to switch to the mens one!) and I quite often sneak a squirt of my brothers aftershave when I'm staying in the house all day because I love the smell so much!! xxx


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