Could You Go Make-Up Free for a Day?

24th March is National No Make-Up Day and the Vitality Show - the UK's largest fitness and beauty event is encouraging women to go without slap for 24 hours.

Could you do it?

I'll be honest, I'm terrified at the mere thought of it.

In a recent survey by the show's organisers, it was revealed that 80% of men prefer their partners without make-up, although only 10% of women believe them!

According to this fun survey, the top five celebs who should be passed a make-up removing wipe are:

1. Katie Price (61%)
2. Lady Gaga (29%)
3. Cheryl Cole (28%)
4. Christina Aguelira (26%)
5. Jessie Wallace (25%)

Who do you think overdoes it on the make-up front?
Here's some make-up free celeb pics* to inspire you into ditching the bag of slap on March 24th and going au naturale


Thought I'd squeeze Marilyn Manson in there!

I'm even considering posting a make-up free photo of myself here on the blog on the day. Anyone want to join me? Perhaps I'll do a Make Up Hall of Fame. Email me your make-up free pics to laurenholden6gmail.com if you're up for it!
FTC Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored. As ever, I've included it as I thought it'd be something my subscribers would be interested in. My opinions are 100% honest and my own.

* Pics sourced from Google


  1. OOh thats a good idea, i might just post you a picture of my make-up free self. However, it wouldnt do much good as I'm make up free most days (bar mascara, I always wear mascara!)


  2. Go for it! I work from home so I often go without makeup hehe maybe I'll be brave enough to put a picture of myself without makeup on my blog

  3. i've gone without makeup in my day to day life and have even shown it on my blog to show how great a foundation was for covering up dark spots......DANG cameron diaz looks ROUGH without, jesus...everyone else looks good still

  4. i go makeup free atleast once a week, but only when I'm at home! I cant go out completely barefaced - also I probably could manage concealer, mascara & blush x

  5. I'm actually doing this for 2 weeks on my blog in an effort to help my skin clear up and it's working. It's really hard though, my confidence has been on the floor for the last week all because of foundation! It's scary.

    I'd totally recommend it. Come check out my posts about it for the gorey detaiks!

    Lauren from The other Lauren Loves... xxx

  6. Are the pictures really accurate though? I mean, most of the makeup pictures are also airbrushed and most of the no-makeup pictures have the kind of grumpy expression that makes anyone look like crap....


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