Could You Spot A Fake?!

Some fakes you can spot a mile off; fake tan, fake hair, even fake nails.
But can you spot a fake when it really matters; when you're parting with your hard-earned cash?

I couldn't. Like many, I was reeled in by the ever so slightly cheaper prices on Ebay when I came to repurchase my trusted Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express mascara.

Not so trusted from this particularly Ebayer though, it seems.

Alarm bells rang when I read the seller's feedback, unfortunately after I'd already hit 'commit to buy' on the product. Said feedback stated: 'This item is a fake and a refund was not offered'.

Right then, I thought....I'll definitely be looking out for tell tale signs when the mascara arrives. After holding said mascara up against my well used Boots-bought Maybelline mascara, I spotted it was a fake immediately.

Here's for a little beauty test then. Which one of these is the real thing?

Yep, you guessed it! The one on the left. The one on the right is the fake - you can tell due to the small lettering on the front. I'm a Maybelline The Colossal devotee, but I doubt I'd have spotted this Ebay fake had I not had the real thing to compare it against. So, there's the moral of the story. If you're unsure, dig out your original product and see for yourself. I should've done the same before I hit 'buy'.

You'll be pleased to know I contacted the seller immediately, telling him I knew the product was a fake and asking for a refund. He obliged straight away, to my surprise.

Have you 'been had' by an Ebayer selling fakes?

Coming soon on A Lauren to Herself...

Dr Perricone 'No Foundation Foundation' review, an interview with the Dragons' Den's wedge welly entrepreneurs and my Model's Own collection.


  1. This is awful. I heard somewhere that fake beauty products can be really really dangerous due to dodgy chemicals and what not. Then again this could be bull, but still people shouldn't sell fakes.

  2. YES! bought a set of mac brushes off ebay which turned out to be fake! And didnt manage to send them back in time for a refund! luckily a few of the brushes wernt bad quality but some were horrid!

  3. Ugh i HATE when people do! It totally sucks!
    Ive had a fake MAC brush from ebay before, ebay sucks sometimes!

  4. Can't believe people are making fake drug store mascara - bizarre!

  5. Uhhh, The COLLOSAL looks like the one on the LEFT here in Denmark.. Just sayin'..

    1. same in Pak....i got mine today and seriously works WONDER :)

  6. Fake Maybelline? Oh, wow. The length people goes sometimes =.=


  7. Well, if you used PayPal, you can report it right away and maybe get your money back. It is a surprise that they are selling fake drugstore products... didn't know that.

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  9. Bloody hell, they are faking everything these days! thats shocked me.


  10. I think i bought a fake Bad Gal Lash, but the seller never replied :( x

  11. Fake mascaras are particularly concerning as you're putting it so close to your eyes! I dread to think what horrific chemicals might be hiding in a fake mascara! Eeeek!

  12. omg, i had no idea people were doing fake mascaras! xx

  13. That is so bad. I don't think it would have occurred to me to check for a fake mascara so thank you for posting this.


  14. i've found benefit to be one of the worst, so much so i did a mammoth post on it


  15. Interesting read I will have to be more careful when buying things :)


  16. I never knew people could stoop so low ! Ahaha
    Love your blog btw, it would mean so much if you checked out mine ! Wanna follow each other ? :-) xoxx


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