Something Fishy's Going On....

The things we (well, some of us!) will do for beauty, eh?

I first heard word about the new 'trend' for dipping your feet into a bowl full of fish in the hope of saying ta-ta to dead skin after a mobile beauty spa visited a nearby shopping centre. If I'm honest, I thought it was a wind up.

A friend of mine assured me that these fishy goings on were indeed making a splash up and down the country.

Sheffield's Meadowhall Centre welcomed this new treatment (which has some health benefits too) a few months back and from what I could see, plenty of people were more than happy to part with their cash (£10 for 10 minutes, I believe) to try it out.
The woman on the infomercials in the centre was raving about the treatment, which is said to be a little tickly, but altogether quite enjoyable.

Does this want to make you gip?

How it works:
"The Garra Rufa, or Doctor Fish, naturally live in spa pools in Turkey and feed from the skin of clients. The fish aid the growth of healthy skin by consuming dead skin cells and disease affected skin cells.

"This is a very different treatment of where the fish nibble on problem areas of the skin surface whilst producing an enzyme which prevents the growth of cells on the skin."

So, after hearing the news that London's first ever 'Fish Therapy' spa has recenty opened, my memory was jogged.

Personally, I wouldn't go anywhere near this. But whayt do you think?

I wondered, just how far would you go in the name of beauty? Have you have had this done? Would you ever? Or what else have you put yourself through to look better?


  1. the fishes so small, here is so big!!

  2. I saw someone try this out on TV and the fish are only tiny that it doesn't really hurt, I think it's a good idea.

  3. I saw this on Ugly Betty! haha! I'd deffos give it a go, I always have hard skin on my feet, it's kinda gross. It's cuz I like to walk everywhere in boots and trainers.

    Looks like it'd tickle!

  4. @Sherry - Really? For me, these little ones look scary enough!

    @Cherry - Rather you than me!

    @Katie - I could perhaps do it, but I wouldn't be able to look down


  5. Oh no! I seriously couldn't bear this! I think I'll stick with a foot file!

  6. ermm I don't think so. I am with you on this girl hehe. I looks kinda freaky to me :p

  7. omg i'm crazy scared of fish so this would be my WORST nightmare lol!

  8. @Get Gawjus - haha, good one! I feel sorry for the fish, even if they do like it!

    @Sami - Stay away then! This'd give you a heart attack xx

  9. im oddly intrigued and kind of want to give it a go...

  10. @ Teddy F Silvey - My point exactly! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts regarding squares and dots.

    @Emma Jade - Do it! And let us all know what you think xx

  11. as I live in Sheffield, went to 'MeadoHell' as we locals like to call it... believe you me it is one of Dante's forgotten rings especially at Yule - anyway that's bye the bye- so I went with my OH to take something back to another shop, and as we passed 'Appy Feet' as it is called, I was intrigued. So while OH went and lost an hour in GAME, I wandered in and though I would have a go. It sure is a strange feeling... and yes it does tickle. I laughed for most of the 15 minutes.. as did the woman sat across from me. If nothing else the laughter did us all good. And yes my feet did - and still do- feel incredible soft.. the fish seem to range in size and some are much bigger... they will be the ones who have been 'working' the most I surmise!

  12. I thought it was a wind up too when my sister told me about it....I don't think I could go that far...fish and feet is a no-no in my head!


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