Ins and Outs

I'm hopping on the Ins and Outs bandwagon for the first time. Here's what's floating my boat (and not!) at the moment.


* Hooray for summer and the inevitable barbecue.. Fellas love manning the barbie grill, so us ladies put our feet up this weekend while a wonderful array of British cooked meats came our way. Delicioso!

* Facials. I've been visiting a local beauty salon over a period of six months for Karin Herzog facials. They have literally done wonders for my skin and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable enough to go without make-up. A real first for me!

* Post - of the lovely non-spam/bill related variety. Thanks to Powder Rooms for sending me the Eyeko Tea Rose polish (absolutely gorgeous, by the way) and a nifty little double-ended eyeliner stick. Reviews coming soon...

* My chosen dog doing me proud and bagging me £7.86 at the races on Friday night. I'm rich! Supper was chicken in a basket and a pint of bitter and we each got a free bet for our cheap as chips £10 entry fee. How very northern of us.

* Finally getting my Benefit lipstick, courtesy of Flake. They took their time about it (4 weeks) but it's here and it's stunning - a gloss in Fresh Squeezed.

* My upcoming birthday. Spending a few days in a remote cottage in sunny Scotland. Very much looking forward to breaking out the board games and doing absolutely nothing. Can't wait.

* Getting Cosmo before it hits the shelves, thanks to my fella for getting me a subscription for Crimbo. What a love he is! And what a big girl I am.


* Talented folk. I am sick to the back teeth of seeing them on t'telly. *So wishing I had a talent...

* Trying to get to grips with a brand new mobile phone. Does anyone else hate that? Despite keeping my old number I still had to spend an age transferring all my numbers. I could've spent the time doing something far more worthwhile, of course. Like washing my hair, or watching paint dry ; )

* Milk bottle white pasty legs. I actually like a pale face, but legs on the other hand....
Took the plunge and bought some St Moriz. Just a shame I am far too scared to try it out. I haven't used fake tan for years. Orange, streaky legs ahoy! Or should I believe the St Moriz hype?

* The age I will be when the aforementioned birthday comes around.

* Driving through my old university town en route to my chap's house for the weekend. Always makes me weepily nostalgic. Sob.

What are your ins and outs? Do share...


  1. Actually posting my first ever In & Outs post tomorrow. As I really like to read them so I thought I would start too! and Summer is on my IN list too :)

    I really know what you mean about the milk bottle coloured legs. Really not pretty in shorts or even sandals!
    St Moriz is fab but you sooooooo need to exfoliate and then exfoliate again, especially the old knees and feet or you look like you have been playing in sand. Not the best of looks I must admit.

    Fee x

  2. Definitely send me the link when you have your post up! Love reading them too.

    Thanks for the tanning tip. I'm rubbish at it, that's probably why this will be my first time in years!

    Do you use the mousse or spray?


  3. Great post! I hate pasty white legs too! I couldn't recommend St moriz enough just as long as you have a tanning mitt or gloves :) x


  4. Nicola-x
    Thank you! I'm really glad everyone's recommending St Moriz! Think I made a good purchase there. Just don't know when's the best time to try it. I do a lot of swimming so don't want to turn up with an orange body and a white head! haha xx

  5. I have both and have to say the spray is abit scary especially when using it on my face/chest.
    It seems to spray onto other areas and so you have to rub it in quite quickly in that area.
    However it doesn't stain the hands as much as the mousse does.

    The mousse is alot more controled - I just put it onto the area I want to fake tan and then rub it in.
    You really need to scrub your hands though after.
    The mousse bottle does leak abit though around the top aswell.

    Hope that helps!

    Fee x

  6. @Makeupsavvy - Thank you, I am worried now! Hope I don't make a mess with it! xx

  7. I love these posts too, the facials sound amazing!


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