How much is your make-up bag worth?

According to a recent survey by Avon, the UK is a nation of make-up devotees and despite the recession we're spending around £1.1 billion a month on make-up essential.s
Last month's survey asked women across the UK to put a figure on the cost of the contents of their make-up bags.

The results revealed that the average UK make-up bag contains £57 worth of products and that women aged 25-34 spend the most on make-up each month.

What about you? Would you be more gutted if your make-up bag was stolen, or your purse?



  1. haha this is very insightful! Mine is probably not worth much at all as most things are freebies or cheap stuff I've got from Boots/Superdrug!But some people must have waaaay more than £57 in theirs- maybe we should also be asking the question, how much is your face worth?! You only need to look on blogger and youtube to find the answers! xxx

  2. My make-up bag is way over £57 because I'd spend that.. or more.. at just one trip to MAC which is a little shocking now I think of it!
    I'd be devastated if I lost my make-up bag.. the things aren't priceless or one of a kind but they are expensive! xxx

  3. Thanks for commenting, Nicola and Lydia.
    I'd say my make-up bag is worth at least £40.
    But it's not just about the monetary value either.
    If I lost it I'd be gutted. Some of the products have been discontinued or limited edition! Eeeek xx

  4. I read this article too, and I think it made me realise the full extent of my addiction in a way - I'd say the contents of my makeup bag are worth way more than that! Scary really, but yeah, I have to admit, I'd def be more gutted if my makeup bag was lost or stolen...

  5. @Mizzworthy - I didn't realise how popular this subject would be!
    It's true though - I think we're all guilty of spending a little too much on make-up!
    If it makes you feel good though, I think it's great!xx

  6. Just tagged you for an award on my blog btw :)

  7. Aww thanks Lydia, that's so lovely of you!xx

  8. My makeup bag is a bit over their estimate as well. I would hate it is my makeup bag bag was lost/stolen. It takes ages to track done some limited edition items so it would be gutting to part with them. Great topic btw!


  9. Really interesting! I have thought about this quite often and it is true that the amount spent is unbelievable sometimes... Great blog!

  10. @ QueenPenelope86 - Thanks for your lovely comment. It just goes to show how fond we all are of our make-up bags! xx

    @Catanya - Thanks very much for following and for your lovely comment xx


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