Review: Clinique Superfit Makeup

I have a confession to make. I have never, ever worn foundation.
I don't know why, but I just can't find one I like. I think it's largely due to my super pale, ghostly white skin. I hate the thought of looking like an Oompa Lumpa and as yet, I haven't found a foundation to match my skin tone.
Instead, I've always used a concealer stick, followed by a pressed powder.
Currently, I'm using No7's Quick Cover in 'Extra Fair' concealer stick as a base, with No7's pressed powder.
So, when Clinique sent me a few of their 'Superfit Makeup' foundations to try out, I was slightly dubious as to whether I'd like them.

I received:
Superfit Makeup in Almond (no 13)
Supefit Makeup in Neutral (No 5)
Superfit Makeup in Cream (No 17)

Swatches, from top to bottom: Neutral, Cream and Almond

Here's what Clinique say:
"Long-wearing, constant comfort makeup. Doesn't streak or fade. Lightweight, oil-free formula allows skin to breathe; skin feels comfortable and looks fresh. Natural finish, moderate coverage. "

I had high hopes that at least one of these foundations would suit my complexion. So, drum roll please....

None of them did : (

When taking swatches of all three, 'neutral' seemed to be the closest match - and to be honest it's the closest match I've ever got. But it was still not pale enough. Ah well.

What I will say, though, is that this is a really lovely foundation. Even after an initial swatch I could tell that it was going to be a really nice, light base.
It glides on the skin like a dream and provided a nice, even good coverage. It's also suitable for dry, combination and oily skin.

A 30ml container costs £19.50 and it's a really nice, light-weight foundation that won't take up too much room in your bag.

I'd give it an 8 out of 10. In the meantime, point me in the direction of a sunbed... ; )

Has anyone else tried this? What do you think?


  1. Have you tried the Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll range? x

  2. Hi Victoria,
    I haven't, but I've heard about it.
    Is it good?x

  3. I haven't used it but a few people with pale skin have raved about it. And the price isn't too bad. I just had a look on ASOS, there's a concealer too. Might be worth checking out!


  4. I am really pale skinned and in Clinique's foundation I am Alabaster, might be worth checking out, am pretty sure it looks lighter than Neutral.

    I would also recommend MAC's NW or NC 15... Also, Barbara Daly for Tescos Oil Free foundation is fab and comes in really light shades!

  5. Victoria - thanks for your suggestions, I will definitely have to check out those foundations. Sounds good.
    The Clinique foundation was lovely though, felt really nice on my skin

    Rebecca - Thanks for your comment.
    I haven't tried any MAC yet, can you believe that?
    Is it as good as everyone says?

  6. MAC will def. have a shade to match you - the amount of shades are endless haha! You should get matched up with MAC - the MA's are really helpful and friendly too. xox

  7. Hiya, I'm also a no foundation sort of person, but wanted to try this one out so thanks for the review. x

  8. No problem, Gina.
    Thanks for the comment.
    I thought I was the only person in the world who didn't wear foundation, hee hee

  9. Aww, don't think my comment yesterday showed up. I'm super pale too and now use the pricey Prescriptives custom blended foundation - nothing else works! It's v expensive but it's made exactly the right colour, with whatever coverage and added extras you want :)

    Beyond that, have you tried Illamasqua? They do some really pale foundations. I heard bad things about the Dainty Doll range so didn't try it...apparently the coverage isn't very good and the white one has glitter in it!

  10. Hi Lucy,

    For some reason I can't see your blog. Is it my settings?
    Thanks for your suggestions. I've heard lots about the Illamasqua range, sounds lovely
    A foundation with glitter in? Sounds bizarre.

  11. Not your settings - couldn't login using the right Google account for some reason. My blog is http://lucylemon.blogspot.com though i haven't updated in aaaaages.

    And yeah...foundation with glitter in...beats me!


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