Juci Wellbeing Detox Juices: My Thoughts

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Despite losing almost a stone (in preparation for a big holiday to mark my 30th birthday) earlier this year, my health and fitness regime has took something of a nosedive since. You know how it is when you return from a week away; you've piled on a couple of pounds and you quickly slip back into your old habits.

But, having managed to still keep off most of the weight, I figured now - with the countdown to Christmas coming up - was as good a time as any to kick-start a healthier way of living, yet again.

That said, the people at brand new juice detox brand Juci Wellbeing, must be telepathic, with an email dropping in my inbox detailing the company's new three-day cleanse. Did I want to try it, they asked? Did I ever?!

My interest piqued further still, when I heard the brand new detox system had been devised and created alongside a nutritionist (Sarah Garton) from my hometown of Lancaster. My pal Meg was the first to let me know about Juci Wellbeing, and after hearing from the PR company behind the company (which has been set up by Mel Wells of The Green Goddess Life) I was excited to give the juices a go.

Top left: After delivery of my juices, top middle: some of the delicious, fresh ingredients in Juci Wellbeing juices, top right: my favourite of the four juices bottom: the full Juci Wellbeing three-day detox range

Of course, detox packages like this one don't come cheap (the three-day detox has an introductory price tag of £94), on account of the fact they basically provide three days worth of meals, containing all the nutrients you need to achieve a healthy diet. The best bit? The detox helps with much more than cleansing the body. Here's just some of its benefits:

* Huge energy boost
* Easy weight loss
* Glowing complexion
* Flat stomach
* Better concentration and focus
* Reduced cellulite and water retention

So, how did I fare?

You can't always rely on Royal Mail, and a hiccup with delivery meant my juices were fast going out of date before I'd had chance to give them all a go. With haste, I popped some in the freezer and tried out a couple on the day of arrival instead. A full three-day detox, therefore, had to go out of the window, and I promptly popped to see my neighbour, Abby (a lover of all things healthy) to split the package.

Had the detox been done properly, we'd have started a few days earlier, cutting out processed food, alcohol and caffeine, drinking plenty of water and ensuring we got at least our five-a-day. Instead, we decided to give the juices a go and comment on taste and texture alone.

Each of the cold-pressed juices has been devised by Sarah Garton to offer the best possible detox, and so far feedback has been positive, with fellow bloggers trying - and really enjoying - the four juices on offer (two of which are the same flavour) in the three-day pack.

What did we think?

The really great thing about Juci Wellbeing for anyone new to detoxing is how easy the system is t follow.  There are four drinks to take (in place of regular meals) every day, with each of the bottles numbered one to four so you know exactly which one to take and when. Approximate times to knock back your drinks are laid out in a handy leaflet which comes with your box of juices, so there are no problems there, either.

Here's a little rundown of the drinks included:

Juci Boost - for an instant spring clean

Juci Shine - a spicy combination packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants to protect our cells and stimulate liver functioning

Juci Lift - for an instant energy lift, packaged with nutrients to support healthy blood and circulation, and to encourage toxin removal away from the cells

Taste and Texture

When it came to taste testing all four juices, I was pleasantly surprised. While the vegetable-based drinks did have chunkier pieces in them, they were by no means hard to knock back and the flavours were actually pretty refreshing.

I loved the carrot and orange, which featured an added hint of ginger for a sharp but satisfying taste. Juice number three was also delicious; a beetroot base with some other more fruity flavours added in.

Each box of juices also comes with Psyillium husk - a powder to be mixed with water for an added boost.

My neighbour, Abby, also found the juices a big hit, saying the flavours were well-balanced and tasty, and she certainly noticed a boost in energy, too.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to cleanse the body, drop a little weight and feel great ahead of the festive season, why not take a look at the Juci Wellbeing site? And don't forget to check out some other reviews while you're there.

Until next time, folks...

Disclaimer: This juice detox was sent to be for review consideration. I have not been paid to write this post; all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Cleansing the Day Away with The Body Shop's Pomegranate Range

Friday, 19 September 2014

Just lately, my normally temperamental, break out-prone skin has been blemish-free, soft and smooth. And I'm pretty sure I owe that, in part, to The Body Shop's new Pomegranate skincare range.

I have, as well, been making a real effort to drink more water  and cut out junk food (with some fruit and veg-based juices making their way to my flat lately - more on that soon!), but nevertheless I'm a new fan of this delicately scented, fruity range.

I'll be honest and say that aside from purchasing this and this in the last couple of years, I'm not what you'd call a regular The Body Shop customer. I'm fairly faithful to my Eve Taylor cleanser and I rarely use serums and moisturiser.

Cue these two Pomegranate products, then....

Left: The Body Shop's Pomegranate Softening Cream Cleanser, and right: The Body Shop's Pomegranate Firming Serum

First up, the cleanser. I have to say I was worried about using this. It's quite a thick and creamy consistency and as I'm sure fellow blemish-prone ladies know, heavy products like this don't always fare too well. I was, however, pleasantly surprised.

At £11 a bottle, it's in the mid-high skincare camp, but I've been using this pump-action bottle for at least three weeks now (morning and evening) and there's still plenty left. Fragrance-wise, this is sweet, but not sickly smelling. Don't expect any lather from the product; it's a cream-based texture but it does a great job of removing make-up. So far, I've been using it by applying to dry skin and rinsing off with warm water, but you could do it 'the fancy way' by removing with warm, damp cotton wool,

Apparently, this is an anti-ageing range, too, which is my 30-year-old ears. So, as well as leaving skin soft and smooth it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles - yeeha!

The serum I've had to almost force myself to use; products like this aren't usually part of my skincare routine, but it really has been lovely smoothing this on before bed each night. Like the cleanser, it's anti-ageing (double yee-ha) and is a light, hydraying moisturiser which smells great and feels luxurious on the skin - result!

Have you tried anything from The Body Shop's Pomegranate range? What did you reckon? And do let me in on your other favourite The Body Shop products!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review consideration. I have not been paid to write this post, neither am I affiliated with the brand in any way. All views are my own and 100% honest, as always. 

Glo-minerals' Shimmer Brick: My Thoughts

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Although I'm not the biggest girly girl when it comes to make-up, every now and then something really catches my eye. It could be a beautiful palette, an embossed blusher, or maybe even a shimmery, sparkly eyeshadow; if it elicits a wow when I take it from its packaging, I know I'm onto a winner. 

This Glo-minerals Shimmer Brick highlighting powder provoked such a response, when I released it from its padded envelope a few days ago. I mean, just look at it...

Glo-minerals Highlighting Powder

I've used products from the brand before (here and here), and while it wasn't a company I'd heard a lot about originally, Glo-minerals is certainly firmly on my radar now. 

While the pictures I took of the product's multi-coloured swatches don't quite do the shimmer brick justice, let me tell you, it's definitely an item well worth checking out.

I will, however, be honest and say I'm not sure it's worth its £27 price tag; you can probably achieve pretty similar effects from other products for around the £10 mark. But this is a luxe item featuring some lovely ingredients (green tea extract and vitamins A, C and E, to name just a few) and it really does offer a lovely glow to the cheeks.

Just look at that sparkle!
Of course, this product works in a few ways; swirl your brush into all four shades for a pretty sweep of shimmer, or use one or two colours independently on the cheeks. I've also tried using the white shade in the inner corners of my eyes for a hint of sparkle - perfect!

Have you tried anything by Glo-minerals? Do you get 'all girly' about certain products like me, too?

Disclaimer: This product has been sent to me for review consideration. I have not been paid to write this post, neither am I affiliated with the brand in any way. All views are my own and 100% honest, as always.

Beauty In Brief (BIB): Miners' Tin O' Tint

Monday, 8 September 2014

Behold! I'm starting a new (mini) series. It shall be called 'Beauty in Brief' (or BIB, for short) and it'll do what it says on the tin.

Every now and then, I'll briefly introduce a brand new beauty product.

Meet the product in today's BIB spotlight:

It's Miners Cosmetics' new Tin O Tint*. This one's in strawberry and offers a subtle spot of colour to the lips - perfect when lipstick is too much but lip balm ain't enough. And at £2.99 you really can't go wrong.

See you next time...

* Sent for review consideration

Scarlett London's Bloggers' Festival: Behind the Scenes with Oriflame and Faith PR

Sunday, 7 September 2014

In my seven years blogging here at ALTH.com, I've been fortunate enough to attend some great events and meet some pretty ace fellow bloggers. So it was great to get a rare glimpse into 'the other side' of things yesterday, when I assisted Faith PR's Stefanie Hopkins on the Oriflame Cosmetics stand at the Scarlett London bloggers' festival.

Having recently joined Faith PR as copywriter, I was chuffed to discover one of the company's key clients is Oriflame Cosmetics - a Swedish brand, which is available to order online here in the UK and is best described as an upmarket Avon, complete with a cruelty-free collection of gorgeous products. Selling everything from foundation and lip gloss, to fragrances and skincare, the brand is definitely worth a look if you haven't checked it out already. Failing that, ask your Mum about it - it's likely she was a big fan of the products years ago, when Oriflame was first introduced into the UK.

Armed with Cosmetics...

So, armed with a suitcase full of cosmetics and a couple of tray loads of cupcakes (bloggers love cupcakes!), Stefanie and I headed to London for Scarlett Dixon of the blog Scarlett London's Bloggers' Festival.

Bringing together brands including Urban Outfitters, Quiz, Ted Baker and Cloud 9, the event was held some 31 floors up in London's Paramount.

And here's just some of the gorgeous products we brought with us. Let me tell you, that make-up-stuffed suitcase was heavy with a capital 'H'....

Oriflame's The ONE collection: Top left: The brand's gorgeous nail polish collection, top right: Foundations, concealers and blushers, bottom left: Stunning The ONE lipglosses, and bottom right: a gorgeous array of lipsticks

The two and a half-hour journey from Leeds to London (complete with cupcake boxes, a suitcase and two of the large Oriflame banners you see in the photo below) was something of a mission in itself (I had visions of falling face first into the cupcakes, for one), while trying to balance an array of lipsticks in a multi-coloured line on top of a white tablecloth was an accident waiting to happen.

The ONE by Oriflame: Have you tried anything from the range yet?

But with less than five minutes to spare for a quick lipstick refresh, loo stop and drink refill, we did it! Just before 150 or so seriously stylish bloggers descended on the venue.

Stefanie carefully arranges The ONE collection by Oriflame
And what a venue it was - would you just look at that view?!

London Paramount's stunning view

And here's the finished Oriflame The ONE set up. Spot anything you like the look of?

Oriflame's The ONE collection

If you're a fan of vibrant make up, you're in luck! Oriflame has a range of beautiful shades, from deep reds to pretty corals. There's also an impressive foundation colour selection (just five are pictured here but there's more in the range) and some gorgeous ombre-esque blushers.

Pick a colour, any colour: Oriflame lipsticks aplenty

I have my eye on that stunning deep blue eyeshadow, what about you?
While the brand's lip glosses and cream eyeshadows (pictured above) are well worth a look, it's the mascaras I'm really impressed with. I use this one and it beats my favourite - Maybelline Volum' Express - hands down. Check it out if you ever find yourself placing an online order on the Oriflame site.

Bloggers flock to the Oriflame stand to see what's on offer
As well as the lure of delicious cupcakes (so delicious in fact that you'll see one cake stand is empty, above - good job we brought more!) many of the Bloggers' Festival attendees were excited to exclusively hear about a fun Twitter Treasure Hunt Faith PR is organising for Oriflame ahead of London Fashion Week. Intrigued? Hit follow on the brand's Twitter page and all will soon be revealed.

Tweet, tweet! Bloggers read all about the upcoming Twitter Hunt!
Alongside demos, free makeovers, goodie bag treats and the chance to hear about exclusive products and deals, bloggers also got the opportunity to take part in a fun Bloggers' Festival Twitter raffle, with ladies heading home with everything from straightening irons, to skincare, and shoes!

But even bigger than the lure of the aforementioned cupcakes was the lure of celeb make-up artist Gary Cockerill - who joined Stefanie and I at the Oriflame stand yesterday as part of his involvement with the brand as ambassador of The ONE collection.

With makeover slots with the man himself booking up well in advance, the Oriflame stand was busy all day - from 3.30pm with the arrival of the first few bloggers, to 'kicking out' time at 6.30pm later that day.

Gary was an absolute star, too - even squeezing in an additional two makeovers - one with the lady of the moment, organiser Scarlett herself, and another with Scarlett's Auntie.

And here's some of the other ladies who pre-booked a slot with Gary, getting the Mr Cockerill treatment...

Celebrity make-up artist and Oriflame The ONE ambassador Gary Cockerill works his magic on our chosen ladies: top left, Franny Perks, top right, Annie and Deborah show off their finished looks, bottom left, organiser Scarlett gets the Gary treatment, bottom right: Amanda of Rhyme and Ribbons is 'made up' with her new look

As well as meeting Gary for the first time at the event, one of the highlights for me was chatting to some of the lovely ladies who popped over to the Oriflame stand - hi to Franny of Franny and Perks, Deborah of Bang on Style, Amanda of Rhyme and Ribbons, Fran of Cat Woman Fran, and Annie of Epiphanniea, and Katy of All Sweetness and Life -all lovely ladies you should definitely check out.

That's, of course, not forgetting Scarlett herself - her managed to pull off a great event with absolutely no hiccups. Hats off to Scarlett for a top notch event with a fantastic turn-out.

And here's Deborah of Bang on Style showing off her makeover. What do you think? How big do her eyes look?! That'll be the Oriflame mascara for you!

A thrilled Deborah of the blog Bang on Style shows off her new look

I don't think anyone was more excited than Scarlett herself, the event's organiser, who got her wish to meet and have her make-up done by Gary. Prior to the event, Scarlett told me how much of a fan she was of Gary's, and how she'd love to sit in his make-up chair for a sultry Kim Kardashian-esque look. And doesn't she look great?! 

Scarlett's usual subtle, fresh-faced make-up look was vamped up a notch or two with the addition of beautiful bronze eyeshadow, nude lipstick and plenty of contouring - all with Oriflame products, of course!

Scarlett meets her idol and enjoys a Kim Kardashian-inspired makeover

And here's a numerical-based rundown of mine and Stefanie's day on the Oriflame stand...

6 - Hours spent travelling to and from London's Paramount
150 - Oriflame The ONE Triple Core lipsticks given out to attendees
8 - Caffeine-based drinks knocked back
6 - Makeovers performed by celeb make-up artist Gary
10 - Approximate number of make-up splodges on the white tablecloth
50 - Cupcakes devoured

Did you attend Scarlett's Bloggers' Festival? What did you think?

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